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Myopia Control

Myopia, or short-sightedness, is becoming more and more common in younger patients. It is therefore becoming more important than ever to consider methods of reducing myopia’s impact on their lives, both in terms of their vision and long-term risk of associated eye diseases. 

Did you know: every one dioptre (the severity of myopia) reduction in myopia reduced the lifetime risk of myopic maculopathy (central vision blindness) by 40% 

Fortunately, there are now several strategies proven to reduce the rate at which myopia worsens in children and teenagers. At Toowong Optometrists, we our happy to offer several of the most effective methods of myopia control, which primary involve special contact lenses. One contact lens technology involves using a soft contact lens every day, while the other (see OrthoK) involves sleeping in a firm contact lens overnight and removing upon waking in the morning. 

Other methods of myopia control are available, such as the use of specific eye drops, and also specific types of spectacle lenses. 

It is critical to have your children’s eyes tested if: