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What is myopia?

Myopia, or short-sightedness as it is commonly know, is an eye condition where you do not see distant objects clearly. Myopia is a very common eye condition that usually begins in school-age children and can continue to progress until the eye stops growing. Adults can also develop myopia.

What causes myopia?

If the cornea, the clear window at the front of the eye, is too curved or your eye is too long, the light that enters your eye will not focus correctly. Studies of myopia indicate myopia is hereditary. Theories also suggest that environmental factors like staying indoors and excessive amounts of close work and eye strain are linked to myopia.

Can myopia be cured?

There is no cure for myopia. Properly prescribed glasses or contact lenses will help you to see clearly but will not cure your short-sightedness. Laser surgery to reshape your cornea and refocus light can correct myopia in some people and eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses.

Will I have to wear glasses?

Your optometrist will tell you if you need to wear glasses full-time or part-time to enable you to see clearly. Sometimes you will need them only for some activities such as driving, going to the movies or in the classroom.

Many short-sighted people use both glasses and contact lenses to help them see clearly. Glasses are used not only to correct vision; they also make a fashion statement and come in many shapes, sizes and colours. Contact lenses are worn on the eyes. They may provide better vision and are great for people with an active lifestyle.

Will wearing weaker glasses stop myopia getting worse?

Studies have shown that wearing weaker glasses may actually increase the rate of myopia progression.

How can I tell if I am short-sighted?

Short-sighted people will see distant objects as a blur. Some people do not realise that they cannot see clearly but an eye examination done by our optometrists will always test for myopia.